Things I’ve made trying to contribute to the world.source.code.

I’ve worked on some of little projects over the last four last years and I could talk about that for many hours with you. But I'm also always looking for new projects to contribute, design, build, code or deploy. So, if you have an idea and need someone to translate it into code, do not hesitate to contact me.

  • akurtaliqi

    The very first time I worked with nextjs and tailwind css. I created and deployed this website (mainly to occupy my free time).

    Tools : react nextjs headless UI tailwind css html javascript js jsx netlify google analytics


  • Green repack

    E-commerce website made for Green Repack (fictive company). Backend based on nodejs is available on my github profile.

    Tools : vuejs javscript js jsx axios nodejs heroku mongoose mongodb cloud atlas multer nosql


  • Goyave

    I contributed to the landing page of goyave website. The work was purely graphic to display the documentation for users.

    Tools : vuejs vuepress javascript js css html stylus markdown md mdx

  • Goyave rollbar

    Implementation of rollbar in a project using goyave framework. It helps to monitor error in real time inside a Go project.

    Tools : go goyave rollbar


  • Androdea

    RPG forum based on a science-fiction narrative play I wrote. I set up the theme and added some personnal details.

    Tools : forumactif javascript js html


  • Yours ?

    You have a software idea and want to build it but don't know how to do it. Contact me.

    Tools : react vuejs nextjs angular nodejs vuepress java javascript js html css other ?